Chip Ford Jr

About Me


I was born in Daytona Beach FL on November 27th 1981 at Halifax Hospital. I lived there for most of my child hood and it wasnt till my mother remarried and moved up to Wisconsin when i was in the 7th grade that I got my first taste of Wisconsin. It did not last long i only stayed for 2 years before I went back to Florida and the warmer weather. Apon graduating from Atlantic High School in Port Orange, FL i was unsure of what i wanted to do with my life and to some extent i still am. I have held various jobs along the way from working at a restaraunt, a window factory, video stores, bars and the finacial sector (Banking and Treasury Managment Customer Support). I love Baseball it is by far my favorite sport to watch or go to games i am a die hard Red Soxs fan. i do also enjoy football i prefer college over NFL but if my team is on i will watch. in my free time i enjoy fishing, bowling, and playing video games